Saturday – My Positive Day

I admit, I’m not a very positive person. I tend to think everything is hard to achieve. That I’m not good enough, so I don’t deserve good thing. Like a saying goes “Good thing will come to good people”. But because I’m not good, so good things wouldn’t want to get near me.


But Allah knows best and he proved me wrong.


I’ve got to go to work this morning, something I wasn’t looking forward to.


Fortunately, I only had to invigilate for a 2 hours exam instead of 3 like some others which I’m very thankful for. And luckily, my invigilate partner was Fauzi – my batch, not some other super seniors. So the 2 hours invigilation was super smooth and fun as we discussed a lot of things until 5 minutes before the exam ended.


I was supposed to have my breakfast during the 30 minutes break, however I stopped by in Dr Harinder’s office to ask a few things and ended up lepaking there for 35 minutes. I’m not a hardcore researcher as I am super lazy and don’t really have the drive to do research. So, the super nice Dr Harinder told me that it’s okay, everybody needs to be pushed once in a while. So he advised me on where and how to start, don’t be discourage, allocate some times (2 hours katenye) to read journals everyday (instead of beautiful nara, roti kaya, abang ensem etc.. <– ni akal aku yg sambung..hoho) and discussed few things on how to improve my research perspective and methodology. Though I couldn’t have my breakfast during the break, I was already super ‘high’ with all those positive words.


After I finished invigilating, I get the chance to meet my 2 property idols, the famous abang ensem & also Faizul Riduan, the author of WTF: 23 properties by 30. Not going to elaborate on this as I will create another special entry for this event, but, what I have to say is, meeting them – my idols (hehe),  really really made my day. I was super happy when I left Mindstation to lunch with Yah and Abg Pica.


Driving back to Putrajaya after lunch was also super bliss. The 30/35 minutes journey felt like 5 minutes as I was still high on the moon from all the positive things happened to me today. But the happiest thing today was seeing my Dude as he was allowed to go home today for only one night before returning to INTAN tomorrow. Allah je tau how much I miss him. Baru 3 minggu berlalu from the total of 28 weeks course. Still a long waaay to go…


Thank you Allah, Alhamdulillah untuk semua yang berlaku hari ni. Though this ‘high’ moment will end eventually, I will try harder to be a better servant to Allah, a better employee, a better researcher, a better wife, a better friend, a better mommy – a better & positive person la kesimpulannye. InsyaAllah….




p/s: Entry yg ditulis hanya untuk ingat yg hari ni saya pernah happy satu hari. Kalau down ke, maybe bley bace post ni balik utk jd positip..hoho

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