Ice blended….tungguuuu!!

I always love ice blended…seriously in love with it…

My fav is starbux caramel frappe cream based + choc chip with whipped cream of course…. (ok … i’m salivating..)..huhuhu.. yah introduced me to it few years ago without the additional choc chip… bile tambah choc chip…. wow!!!

anyway, any ice blended will do especially choc flavour; including those sold in pasar malam; which usually cost rm3.00 – rm3.50..

I’m not really into coffee based ice blended as i don’t really like coffee that much….

Anyhoo, since the cafe in our faculty sells ice-blended ( just knew like 2 weeks ago), I guess now i’m their regular customer; bought a total of 5 ice blended already out of 9 working days since i knew about it. tried their choc and vanilla flavour, but love the vanilla more with whipped cream and extra choc rice…wooohooo!!!.. it’s a bit overpriced though – rm4.90 compare to pasar malam punye…

reason for posting this entry is actually because – I’m going to buy one like,  NOW!!!… Mizah dah tunggu utk ke cafe… so Later!!.. 😉

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