My Pregnancy Journey Part 3

My not-so-big-yet tummy..hehe
Where did I stopped? Owh. On why I had to keep my pregnancy a secret for a while? Ok, So, the first 2 persons to know were Mizah and Amal.
At around 7-8 weeks of my pregnancy, we (like 11 of us) went to Scrumptious celebrating Zeila and Dian’s post-wedding party. The get-together was fantastic though we didn’t like the foods much. Anyway, as a part time attention seeker, of course i would try to steal the spotlight from the brides..hehehe…So, during the lunch, i told them and they were happy for me…(Thank you my u all…hehe)…
After telling my beloved friends, only then i planned to tell the whole world by posting pics or update my status in facebook. But before i could do that, the next day, during Zuhur prayer in my office, while rukuk/sujud macam tu, i felt wet down there and felt like something flowing. I kinda know it must be blood but i continued praying and cried at the same time. After, I checked and it was blood. Luckily i wore pad and the blood kinda filled my whole pad.
Called my mom, asked her to be ready to take me to Selayang Hospital, then called Emmy asking for her opinion, and she said, maybe nothing or maybe something…huhu… Drove home, pick mak and went straight to Selayang. Wait for our turn while watching Putera Katak versi Indon, met the not-friendly-at-all Doctor. She insert her two fingers into my vagina (sakit ok…huhuhu) to check my cervix and she said it was still closed. agak good news la, kalo open almost positive miscarriage lah. Then she scanned, sebab still 7-8 weeks ans she wasn’t a pro, she couldn’t see the baby’s heartbeat. So, she diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage and was supposed to rest and not doing heavy task. But told her i must go for induction course for 2 weeks starting the weekend (went to the hospital on monday). She advised me not to go, but because i had to, she gave me a ‘light duty’ letter so i couldn’t do heavy duty punya xtvt.
On thursday, sebab tak puas hati dengan MO dekat Selayang to, i went to Pusrawi jumpa Dr Daud. he scanned and found out there was a heart beat!..syukur sangat masa tu to know that my baby is still alive. He advised the same thing, jangan buat kerja berat. 
Next Monday, kak Mas drove us to kg Gajah, Perak for our induction course. I bleed a little for the whole 1st week. Tapi sebab dalam kampung, takde la plak klinik yg ade buat ultrasound. Masa tu, mmg doa je la smoge baby ok. Second week, the bleeding stopped. When to Pusrawi again on Monday after the 2 weeks course, Dr daud checked and he said that the bleeding mungkin disebabkan oleh fibroid which terang-terangan nampak masa scan tu.. Was seriously worried, He told me the fibroid might stopped growing at 4 months, or continue to grow with the baby. many women have fibroid but the location yang menentukan sama ada kita boleh bersalin normal ke have to caesar ke etc. With fibroid jugak, ada risiko untuk deliver early than the due date. However, ramai je yang ada fibroid beranak normal. it just that i was worried cause mine already caused bleeding so agak riso what would happen in the future.

Gotta stop now. need to take my lunch as my tummy dah buat muzik dah..haiish…Later! 

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