My Pregnancy Journey Part 2

Sementare tgh tak brape ade mood buat keje, saye akan mencube menulis dgn gigihnye sambungan perjalanan kehamilan saya…huhuhu
Ok, so in Part 1, i’ve mentioned on how we tried to conceive by planning the dates and days to ‘do it’ (hehehe). I wasn’t sure which was my supposedly ovulation day, but a week after that one-trying-week, i felt cramp on my lower abdomen, just like period pain. I always had period pain 2-3 days before i had my period but this time, it was like almost 2 weeks early. So, i did feel pregnant and was secretly hoping i was. However, i still continue with my normal life routine and during that time, we had a futsal tournament and i played. And there was one time a girl kicked the ball right to my stomach. It wasn’t too painful, but because i’ve already suspected that i’m pregnant, agak risau jugak le..
So, starting from 5 days before my period due, i’ve used a couple of pregnancy test kit to test. The first test showed nothing, but the second test showed a very faint second line. So terusla dok carik online ape maksud, and all said that even the line is very faint, it still means yang kita pregnant coz that line hanya mengesan the pregnancy hormon yang hanya akan ada lepas implantation berlaku. Tapi sebab masih faint, I tried not to put much hope takut terdissapoined kan..
Then on the day when i was supposed to have my period, cuba lagi, guna yang murah punya, lagi faint.. then bila baca internet, pregnancy test kite ni byk jenis, ada yang hebat sket boleh detect the hormone dalam volume yg sikit, tp yg murah2 biase klinik guna, kene tunggu hormone dlm badan byk sket, baru leh detect. So lusa nye try lg, jadi terang sket..then geram sangat the next day, i bought the clear blue ‘digital’ pregnancy test harga rm30 ++ kot (x sabar punya psl..sila jgn jakon spt sy..hehe), terang2 dia tulis situ ‘2-3 weeks’ (kire kalo dlm kitaran doktor yg 40 weeks tu, i was in my 4-5 weeks la…sgt baru)… Alhamdulillah…gembira sgt masa tu… test pagi2 buta, so after test, kejut dude yg tgh tido, suh dia baca ape tulis on that digital pregnancy test, then he looked at me, dan dgn agak terkejut smbil snyum sket, he asked ‘betul ke?’..hehehe..i like!
I knew t was too eraly to go to the doctor, but just a day after i tested with the digital hpt, saye mengalami selseme, batuk, sakit terak yg ala2 dahsyat..risau tonsilitis muncul kembali spt last year, i went to suraya clinic. I told Dr Sabrina, symptom2 saye dan diakhiri dgn ‘tp saye risau nak main makan je ubat, sbb saye rase saye pregnant’. Bulat mata doktor tersebut kerana itu sbnrnye saye nak cakap kan, tp saje cakap last2..hehe.. Anyway, the Dr adalah super nice!!..sila ke klinik suraya ok…
So, she scanned me, tp of course x nampak lg…then dia test air kencing, still nmpk very faint line, so cannot be sure btul2 la…so dia bg la ubat utk sakit2 td tp ubat batuk xde..x leh katenye… Sebab Mizah yg teman aku ke klinik, so, i had to tell her i was pregnant, and she had to keep it a secret till i’m ready to tell the world!..hehe
So, when i was ready to tell the world like 2-3 weeks after, something happened that made me trpkse rahsiakan lagi my pregnancy dari umum…

What happened?..tunggu ar Part 3..penat ar…hehe.. Later!

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