Tolongla saya pindah ke hosting baru =)

Almost 2 weeks since I bought my own domain and hosting. But, until now, I do not have the gut to move all the contents of my blog to the new domain despite reading hundreds number of blog (tipu lagi) regarding this topic. Sebab? From my reading, there are several ways to move your content to a new hosting/domain. So, sbg seorang yg ala2 buta IT, tak tau which method is the fastest and safest and less risky.

This is going to be my second time moving to another hosting. I used to use yang free tu a long time ago. Then moved to free blogspot like in 2008 kot. So sekarang, I would like to transfer (again) all my posts and comments and whatever can be transferred to my new but am not confident enough. Worry that I might loss everything in the process. sayang ooo..walaupun blogging setahun 5-6 kali je dulu2 (since 2005 rasenye zaman blajar dulu..hehe), tp nak gak tunjuk kat anak cucu the evolution and transition of my writing style – which is getting worse bile makin tua ni.hoho…

Kenapa sy beli domain baru? Sedap mmg teringin dari dulu ade domain sendiri without blogspot/wordpress kat belakang. Tapi .com dah x available. Agak baru tahu ‘nadot’ adalah sir name untuk org2 France (tu nampak mcm ade iras2 org Peranchis je aku ni ;p)… So terpaksa settled for .my.

Masih mengekalkan header yg same. I seriously do have a hard time letting go of, erm..everything? (setia ok) ;p

Tak kejar pun SEO ke ape ke, traffic ke ape sgt sbb dari dulu niat ade blog utk kepuasan diri sendiri. Walau apepun bile org bace n dpt info dari penulisan kita adelah lebey hepi. =)

Anyway, tolong la saya!! =)
nanti saya sedekahkan…senyuman?..ok kan? 😉

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