Her story – part 4 ~ Tribute to a friend

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound. ~Diana Cortes


She felt terrible yesterday. She’d hurt her good friend. The friend said she had not. But she knew she did. That friend as usual just being a good friend told her that that friend didn’t feel anything and that she’d just imagining things. But, knowing herself, she knew she hurt that friend.

She can be very very persuasive at times. And yesterday she was being very persuasive to that friend. It wasn’t entirely her fault really as that friend had promised before that she could ask anything she wanted except one or two things that that friend told her not to. So yesterday, she asked that friend a question that wasn’t on the list of the questions not to be asked. But that friend can’t answer that question and that friend apologized for not being able to answer.

But being her persuasive self, she demanded the answer from that friend and start to bring up the past conversation when that friend told her that she could ask anything. But that friend just apologized and blamed that-friend-self again and again and never once that friend blamed her for forcing that friend to tell her something that that friend couldn’t tell.

That friend was being very gentle and tried really hard not to hurt her more as that friend knew she has a very sensitive heart and sulk easily even she continued to demand the answer to a not-important-question. And after a long conversation of her demanding and that friend apologizing, she realized, as usual, she was being childish again. She realized that things won’t always worked out like the way she wanted and she can’t force that friend to do what the friend didn’t want to do just to fill her curiosity. And that friend kept saying that she wasn’t the one to be blamed, she was a good friend and etc to lift her up.

She still has a lot to learn not only on how to be a good friend, but a good human being as well.

To that friend, thank you for being a good friend. And even one day we’ll contact each other less as we both will have our own separate life, just so you know and hope you’ll remember that you had once been considered as one of my good friends and I’m honored to be your friend as well (since 2001 ke 2002 eh?..huhu)…


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