3 paragraphs…ok..?!?!..huhuhu

I stared at the screen of my laptop, thinking of something to post on my blog. I was blanked. Nothing really came into my mind. I stared again…and again…and again…Still, I was blanked.

I took a look at the first page of my blog. Most of the recent posts were on sad thoughts, emotional stuff, hatred, and feeling down. Yup, there were few on happy thoughts and happy moments, but I never thought I am this pathetic…huhuhu

So, now, I’m typing this, thinking to myself, that even if my mind still blank, I already have 3 paragraphs for this post. And i’m also currently thinking, that I should stop writing and publish this post even I didn’t say anything in particular..hohoho…Again, at least, I have 3 paragraphs (Igt senang ke?..hehe)..

Enuff said.. 😀

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