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So far, my life in Malaysia has been great, but a bit busy though… had to settle few stuffs regarding kakteh’s punye study kat indon, then some other stuffs pasal along’s wedding this coming november i.e tempah kad kawin etc then of course la sbb nk raye n nakstart working after raye, so kene la shopping kasut keje, handbags…bought a pair of working shoes dkt edinburgh, tp still dlm kotak yg x samapi2 lg..risau gile.. according to post opis, amik mase 10 days dah 2 weeks…my laptop’s power cords and some important stuffs dalam kotak tu..mati le kalo x smpi…huhuhu

Sangat menyesal coz mase kat edin malas nak pikir pasal keje, so, x beli handbags n shoes awal2 dkt sane… mmg sgt menyesal … my size sangat ssh nak carik dkt Malaysia. Kaki sangat besar seperti gergasi…huhu…I wear 42 euro size. dkt malaysia, normally size paling besar is 41 euro size…kecewe gile…. kene suruh k linda shopping kan ni…huhuhu… utk handbag plak, fortunately, k linda dgn baik hati gave me a farewell/birthday gift Guess handbag..ade la jugak satu handbag ala-ala org pegi keje punye…adoi la.. huhu

Last Friday, went berbuke pose with my close friends since high school. Even there were only 9 of us that day, it was great as finally, I get to meet my friends after a year not seeing them. Next meeting will be at my house on the 2nd week of raya (open house kecil-kecilan for my close friends..hehe), and hopefully those who didn’t turn up for the buka pose event, will come eventually (jgn x dtg eh dawat,sue,ros,sare n lain2 yg mmg diwajibkan ittew)…

Then on Saturday, Dude belanje me buke pose at JW Marriot KL. We fought all the way from home to the hotel (my version of fight = I talk; Dude listen/ignore/wat dek/etc..hoho) and didn’t talk at all for the 1st 20 minutes bile dh smpi kat hotel. but eventually, kene jugak bersuare coz sangat malas bangun amik buffet, so had to keluarkan my sweet little voice and dgn mengade-ngadenye suruh dude amikkan makanan.. yeay!.. hoho..the foods were really great …. waaaaayyy better than the buffet in The Apartment, klcc that i ate for berbuke with my friends the day before…with only rm 7 difference between the apartment and jw marriot, I get like more than 50 extra dishes…sooo worth it…

it’s currently 1.22 am in the morning. My mom and neng still downstairs masak lontong n kuah kacang.. I offered to help kupas bawang putih tadi, but neng said x i played starwars battlefront with afiq for 2-3 hours..lucky me!..hohoho.. So, nak pegi intai mak then..then tido le kot…

Anyway, I was meaning to write about someone/something yang again, made me emo when I was still in x berkesmpatan lagi.. (x best gile tulis using this pc..uurrghh…)… or maybe sbb bln pose, so sesi kutuk-mengutuk org (sikit-sikit je..hehe) kene la kurangkan sikit…hehehe… but still i will write about that someone…coz sgt geram..hohoh….

Anyway, to all my friends and those who know me, I wish you guys Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri.. I also would like to apologize for everything I’ve done since the first day I’ve known you guys. I know I might be a pain in the as* sometimes, jadi mintak maaf sangat-sangat..and hope i’m forgiven… hehehe.. Thanks eh! 😉


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