still hanging…after a year… =)

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my wedding deco after almost a year

The pic above was the room used for my wedding almost a year ago. We only did a simple deco just by changing the langsir and put up another big curtain that was supposed to be a sliding door’s punya langsir dekat belakang katil mcm backdrop la konon. Then we put roses on top of both curtains. That was it. malas nak grand2…

And now after a year, the curtains and the roses are still in this room. Takde sape rajin enough to bukak the curtains and the flowers..hehe.. So when i’m not going back to putrajaya, dude n i gune bilik ni and we feel like newly married all over again, like 3 days a week?..hehehehe…

So, slamat pengantin baru sayang!..hehe

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